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Hi All

I know this wasnt on my to do list but its not 2013 yet and it was only supposed to be a quickie. The Bachmann class 108 DMU.

I brought this model when it first came out, since then the large headcode version is now available RTR but its not the end of the world to swap from the small to the large (especially when you have spare roof domes left over from DC kits EMU’s).  The plan was simple, swap the headcode boxes, add the handrails to the cabs. Fit new buffers (the originals were too big – I believe Bachmann may have sorted this) and mounts with the step, buffer beam details a spot of paint/weathering and bobs married to your auntie!   However theres a prominent moulding line down the side of the cabs which is bugging me.  Those shell ventilators look a bit puny too so  am thinking they might have to go as well.   The headcode boxes need blending in a tad and the tops need to be flattened off a bit too.

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