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Once the springs and hangers were added to my class 08’s I started looking at other things that could be improved in the frames area. class-08-extras-2The obvious thing missing from the Bachmann model is the speedo drive but its dead easy to add from a few bits of evergreen strip.  There are also some holes in the frames that Bachmann missed so these were drilled using photos as a guide.

class-08-extras-1On the other side the missing holes were added as well as a drain cock – this was simply made from a brass pin with the head filed down, a bit of fine tube and a bit of brass rod.  Fiddly but a nice quick improvement project.

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  1. Jonathan Hughes

    A well timed post this Jim. I’ve got the springs to add but some other bits have turned up too… but I need to fabricate the etches first … hopefully they’ll improve the 4 corners a little … I’ll share more once I’ve convinced myself I can put them together 😉 Currently having a break from all this and doing some pencil work instead – I’ve been neglecting my deltic drawing of late! All looks good and I’ll be back.
    best wishes…. Jon

    12/03/2014 at 9:42 pm

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