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14th July 2013

Just a small update this time.  There are some new pictures to look at in the coaches section.


21st May 2013

I have been busy uploading quite a few coach pictures to their various pages.

mk3bRFMatBNSmay2013bYou can also see more on the above conversion on my workbench pages.  For those who are not all that interested in coaches there are new pictures on the class 45 page too!


8th May 2013

LEV-at-CalcuttaLast weekend saw the third and final test session for Phil Eames Calcutta Sidings 2 before its public debut at Expo EM North in September.  The above pic is © Tim Horn and you can see more of Tims pictures from the weekend here.

On the subject of exhibitions, those in the Midlands will be able to see Birmingham Moor Street at the Bloxwich show the weekend after next.

28th April 2013

I few new things to look at this time. I have made a start on the wagons section and added more pictures to the coaches section.

hst-at-BNS-april2012I have also been working on a pair of blue and grey HST power cars, you can see more pictures of one of them in the Locomotives section.

17th March 2013

31s-southJust a small update this time.  Aside from the picture above there are new images on the class 81 and Mk3 coaches pages.  Click on stock to view them.

17th February 2013

This update sees some new pictures of DMU’s for you to look at, there’s a new image in the class 108 gallery and for those who have been following my workbench page there’s a new gallery for my class 100/105 hybrid.

To see the multiple unit galleries click here


30th January 2013

Just a quick news update this time folks!  For those interested in my scribblings I have an article on my class 85’s in this months Rail Express magazine.  Hope you enjoy it.

22nd December 2012

Hi All

Just a quick update this time to notify you that I have changed the structure of the ‘Goodies’ page so that you can ask questions if you want to.  Subscribers will be notified when anything new is added as they are for the news page as well as the workbench page.

click here.

16th December 2012

Id just like to say thanks for all those that have visited or sent messages over the last year.  Thanks also to those who have signed up to follow the workbench or who have added coments.  Its all appreciated.

Theres some now piccies for you all in the class 45, 50, 85 and 155 (the unphotoshopped version of the above) galleries.

Merry Christmas everone and all the best for 2013!

24th November 2012

Some more changes to the site to report.  You can now subscribe to my workbench if you would like an email to be sent to you when something is added.  You will also get an email when there’s more news too.  If you would like to subscribe, simply pop your email address into the box on the workbench page.

There are new pictures for you in the class 45, 86 and 122 galleries.

21st November 2012

Hi All

Regular and observant visitors to the site may notice that a workbench has appeared in the Main Menu.  Here I will be posting what I am up to and you can leave comments or ask questions.  Feedback is always welcome.  Your first post will have to be approved but then you should be able to post straight away.  Obviously any posts that are offensive will not be approved or deleted as will spam but I hope you find the workbench a useful addidtion to the site.


29th October 2012

Hi All.  Another update with another ‘tribute’ model

86261 Driver John Axon GC.  To see why Driver Axon was awarded the George Cross, click here.

There are a few new pictures to see this time.  Look for the class 31 and HST galleries.  I have also uploaded a new page for my model of a class 122 bubblecar.  Finally I have been working on a little something for no other reason than why not? It doesnt fit with my layout plans at all but I always found the prototype quite a curious little vehicle.

Theres a little more about it in the other stock section.

23rd September 2012

Time for another update I think. There are new pictures in the class 20, HST and coaches sections.

Also I have added quite a few pictures to the class 31 gallery.  I am currently working my way through a batch of them.

7th August 2012

Time for another update.  You will find new pictures in the other stock, class 45, 50, 81, 85, 120, 128 and class 304 sections.

Of special mention is my model of 50031 – Hood. I modelled this locomotive as my own little tribute to those lost when HMS Hood was sunk by Bismark in World War 2.

To read more about HMS hood click here

Finally for this update I have started a new page detailing the platform details that are under the roof. You can find it in the layout – buildings section

30th June 2012

I have been weathering track (I have had an urge to do it for a while).  The results of my efforts can seen below and also on the track page (under Layouts).

Also new this time are images for classes 08, 25, 31, 47, 86, 87 and 118

16th June 2012

Above is my version of Google earth.  This shows the full staion area (withoutmost of the buildings)

There are new pictures for you on the class 47, 50, 85, 86, HST and other stock pages, Enjoy!

23rd May 2012

The arrival of Bachmann’s rather nice Class 85 means that I have now completed the locomotive classes I need for New Street.  Plenty of individual locos still to do of course.  Head over to Locomotives to see more of my 2 85’s as well as new images in classes 31, 58 and the HST galleries.

For those who like a spot of reading I have 2 articles in this months crop of magazines. A short one on modelling Transit vans appears in Rail Express and a longer on on how I built my signal box appears in Model Railway Journal.

16th May 2012

Hi everyone.  Updated a couple of galleries (class 45, 50 and 150) with new images plus added a special little project to the other stock section.

5th May 2012

Hi Everyone.  Appologies for the extraordinarily long wait for an update but as you can see there have been big changes and I hope its been worth it!  Welcome to a completely revised site with better navigation, more slickness and most importantly bigger pictures.  Theres loads of changes and plenty of new stuff to look at so why not get a coffee and a bicky and have a look round?

20th October 2011

The end of September saw the station section return to Scaleforum as an ongoing demo.  Thanks to Tim Horn, Simon Stevens and Phil Eames for their help over the weekend.

Click here for a gallery of images taken by David Brandreth at the show.

21st July 2011

I have always liked the MJT torsion bogie and (given that I need so many) decided to etch my own, incorporating a few changes to make building them quicker.  In the end the center wire was replaced with 2 pins and these merely hold it all together and dont use any form or torsion control at all.  The control now comes from the cross wires between the brake shoes.

These bogies are now available from Brassmasters,click here for more information.

30th May 2011

This weekend we had the first test session with Tim’s Storage Yard and Phil Eames’s 4mm P4 Calcutta Sidings 2. This is the actual fiddle yard that New Street will use (although it will be extended) Calcutta Sidings 2 measures in at 52′ by 17′. Set up in North Elmham Primary school.

Video ©Tim Horn

22nd March 2011

This update sees additions to the HST gallery (click the picture), class 58 and 86 locomotives as well as class 101, 108, 128 and 310. Go to stock in the header menu to see the pictures.

11th March 2011

A few things this time starting with a new section for odd-ball vehicles like the Reliance Mercury tug shown above.

Stock wise I have new pictures for class 31, 47, 50, 56 and 86 along with classes 120 and 310. Follow the stock link at the top of the page.