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Display shelves

Above is a couple of test shelves I did for a demo at DEMU earlier in the year. A variation on these shelves is now available from Tim Horn. If you missed the demo I will be doing a similar one (also on multiple units at next years Scalefour North. I’ll post details nearer the time.

click here for a link to Tim’s site

Extreme etches – Apt I think!

hood-portraitSome companies in the world of model trains are very aptly named such as Extreme Etches (Masokits is another one).  The above example is Hood’s crest which is a 3 part etch for something only 3.5mm high!  (I think i need to buy a magnifying glass if im honest)

That said just because something is small and fiddly doesn’t mean the design or thought process that goes into it is poor, quite the opposite in fact.  There are many examples of add on bits that are, on the surface, easier but in reality due to poor design are a struggle.  Things that don’t fit, are not the right shape or are nigh on impossible to put together (or stay attached to the model).  Those who were around in the 1990’s will remember the craze of hacking great big holes in their models to stick on etched bits that if you took a step back and look at properly were worse than the molded stuff you had just sent to the bin.  Sadly there are still companies producing stuff like this but at least we have a choice that if we are going to do something, we can do it properly!


Drains, manhole covers and general ironwork

Ironwork for Roads/Pavements.   A sheet consisting of 15 drains, 43 small covers (3 designs), 15 round covers, 22 square covers (small), 26 gas covers (small), 15 medium sized covers (3 designs) and 20 large covers (4 designs). In 6 thou’ brass – £10

Ironwork for Platforms. A sheet of 4 large covers and 8 smaller covers (2 designs) – £3

Vehicle Mirrors.

Bus Mirrors. Suitable for the Leyland National and Leyland Lnnx. 3 pairs of each – £2.50

Lorry Mirrors. 2 sets available, set 1 is 5 pairs of different designs while set 2 is 5 pairs of Ford Cargo type – £2.50

C1/8 Concrete Signalling Troughs

Single boxes with lids. For use as wagon loads, trackside ‘clutter’ or for replicating troughs with missing or open lids. £8 per set of 24

Trackside Runs. Trackside runs of 10 sections, these can be curved. Pack of 4 runs totalling about 21 inches – £7

These are produced with the assistance of Wirral Finescale Railway Modellers.

edit. I’m sorry but due to a price rise from the suppliers I’ve had to increase the cost of these.

DMU details

DMU buffer mounts. Designed for the A1 models 21″ OLEO buffer.  4 Per set , with lamp iron and step – £3  With lamp iron only – £2.50

DMU small headcode box front. As found on classes 116, 122 and some 108’s – £1.50 per pair

DMU Steps. Set of 8 steps for DMU’s and some EMU’s – £5 (edit. I’m sorry but due to a price rise from the suppliers I’ve had to increase the cost of these.)

Coach detailing parts

Coach Bogie Steps. Set of 6 bogie steps for Mk1 and Mk2 coaches – £5 (edit. I’m sorry but due to a price rise from the suppliers I’ve had to increase the cost of these.)

Coach end steps.   2 types available, for Mk1 with enough steps for 6 coaches, for Mk2 with enough for 3 – £2.50

21st July 2011

I have always liked the MJT torsion bogie and (given that I need so many) decided to etch my own, incorporating a few changes to make building them quicker.  In the end the center wire was replaced with 2 pins and these merely hold it all together and dont use any form or torsion control at all.  The control now comes from the cross wires between the brake shoes.

These bogies are now available from Brassmasters,click here for more information.

17th March 2009

Been busy working on the ex LNWR building that can be found at the Wolverhampton end of platform 1, Proving that not all things on a big layout have to be huge I had a spot of fun making a 4mm scale padlock for the shed that is hidden under the Hill Street Bridge. The penny is for scale!

With the help of WFRM I have produced etches to represent the c1/8 Concrete signalling troughing found lineside. More info and prices are on the goodies page.

22nd October 2007

My detail parts to improve the Bratchell class 318 EMU and class 150/2 DMU are now ready. For more details and pictures see the goodies page.

30th July 2007

My latest etch is wheel inserts to replicate the SAB resilient wheels fitted to class 86/2’s onwards.
See the goodies page for more info