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It’s been running for a while now and many of you have already found it but for those who haven’t I have a Facebook page.  I’ll be posting much the same content as here but I hope the Facebook page can be used for people to ask questions too. It’s a bit difficult to ask them on the site unless it’s a topic I’m already talking about. That’s the plan anyway! Click on the picture to go to it.

We are about to kick off out 2017 exhibition season with both Calcutta Sidings and Brettell Road due to go on the road this year. Calcutta will be out first at Scalefour North, the first weekend of April. Again click on the picture for more info.

On the subject of Phil (Calcutta’s owner) he has recently taken over much of Colin Craig’s range of usefull stuff. Phil’s new company is called Stenson Models and can be found here.