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Well 2012 has been as busy as ever modelling wise but with not a lot ticked off my self imposed to do list.

I had hoped to make inroads into the Palisades shopping center that will sit over the station (well to be honest I said that at the start of 2011 too) but I havent actually started yet!  The stuff that needs to be built for the platforms (while not too difficult but quite repetative) has taken a lot longer than I thought it would.  I was also hoping to get another couple of boards started and to finish off my previosly started class 303, 310, 312 and 317 EMU’s.

Southern Pride class 310 as it was in July 2011, Alas it went untouched in 2012!

However going completely off topic to what I had planned to do I have quite a lot to show for 2012.  At least one example of all the locomotive classes I will need are now finished with the notible additions being a couple of Bachmann 85s (ok not a lot of work in those) and the addition of 7 more class 31’s to complete those required.  All the track laid so far has been weathered and after years of putting off using my airbrushed I can honestly say ‘we’ are getting on better now than we ever have before. I seem to have built quite a lot of wagons this year too.

Other projects

The test for Calcutta sidings 2 went well and we should be hitting the exhibition circuit next year (although Phil and Tim have done the work there) and we did several exhibitions with Moor Street which behaved itself very well indeed (sadly the van less so in the last case, returning on the back of a lorry when we should have been setting up at the show!).  There was my completely off topic LEV1 project too.

So whats next for 2013?

The following list will probably be ignored again but here goes!

  • Finish my class 303, 310, 312 and 317 EMUs
  • Finish the platforms
  • At least get started on the Pallisades
  • build the next 2 boards
  • Make a start on drawing up my class 116 etches
  • Finish a half started rake of BBA and BAA’s
  • Start working on rakes of coaches.
  • Do more buses!
  • Add the wagon section to the site.

The coaches will be the biggie of that little lot. I expect most of this project in 2013 will be research.



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