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47474 is another lima model. This one coming to me from the original roster for Amlwch as 47476.  I kept it as brought for years as it was obvious that quite a lot of work had gone into it at some stage.  (click here to see it in its original form) However for New Street it needed a few modifications to fit in era. I didn’t want to redo the whole loco as I wanted to keep as much of the original model as I could so I focused on the front ends.

The windscreens needed changing as per my other 47’s (it definitely stood out along side one that’s been modified) so these were the customary Extreme Etches offering. I also replaced the side windows with more etched from Brian as well has the headcode box.  The headlight is from Replica. In my era 47476 had lost its water tanks hence the change of identity to 47474.

ic-86sAlso off the workbench are 2 of the 3 class 86’s I showed earlier, the third is waiting for its nameplates and chassis.  Powered by the usual Bachmann Warship 86102 features Hornby class 90 sideframes and a spare underframe box from a scrap 87.

86260 is another tribute loco being named after Driver Wallace Oakes GC.  To read his story click here.

To see more pictures of these pair go to the class 86 page

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Michael Hand
Michael Hand
7 years ago

The Lima 47 looks very well, and despite the age of the tools, still strikes me as the best representation of the general appearance of these beasts, with the Hornby one in 2nd place, especially if you consider the ever elusive “value for money”, please keep up the amazing work….
Regards, etc…

Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch
7 years ago

A very fitting tribute indeed.