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Completion of 50008, Thunderer (besides the crests which im waiting for from Shawplan), sees another roster for New Street complete.  I think 8 of the class is probably a bit disproportional if im honest but its good to have a spare or 2!

On the subject of class 50s I recently discovered this book.

class-50-bookWhich i cn recommend to anyone who likes the class.  You can order it from here with any profits made going towards the continued preservation of 50027 Lion and 50050 Fearless.

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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince
7 years ago

That looks nice Jim, even to someone with only a passing affection for the class. Your comment on numbers made me think a bit as I had a recollection of seeing quite a few at New Street and surprisingly, to me at least, Loco-hauled travel for 87 and 88 (Pretty sure you’ve gone for 87 but haven’t seen it quoted for a while) has only 3 weekday digrams. If you go back to 82/83 ish then your 8 covers it pretty well with none to spare as there were more approaching New Street from the NESW route.

It’s a shame you postdate the Leicester parcels turn and the freightliner from Lawley St to Nuneaton for electric South was an interesting one albeit not seen at New Street.

Funny how you remember the unusual as being more prevalent than it really was – but you’ve said that before.

It’s also worth reminding myself that these are secondary sources – as an example there was a Newcastle-Poole that was solid 45/1 in Summer 88 not mentioned at all in Loco-Hauled Travel.

Must tot up how many 47s you need just based on diagrams at some point. That’ll hurt.