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29th May 2014

mrj231Those who take an interest in my random scribblings might be interested to know that I have an article on my class 317 EMU in this months MRJ. Its an all D&E theme and also features Tim Horn’s Bass canning line building he built for Phil’s Calcutta Sidings.

On the subject of  D&E this weekend is DEMU’s showcase in Burton on Trent where I will be doing a demo on multiple units, Hope to see some of you there.

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19th September 2013

Well Expo EM North is over and Calcutta Sidings 2 is now in the public domain. The show went well for its first outing with not a huge list of things for Phil to fix before the next show (Expo EM in may) there were a few niggles but there are an awful lot of trains and track there and we weren’t exactly creeping arround at shunting speed a lot of the time.  There was a down time on the Saturday when a Digitrax box got overloaded (power districts were fine but no commands were getting sent out) but thanks to Mike, Tim and John on WFRM the problem was diagnosed and sorted fairly quickly.  Thanks to all who stopped by for a chat and to see some of Tim (H)’s pictures go to the Scalefour Society forum

Class 317Despite getting my HST refurbished for Expo EM I have also been busy finishing off my class 317 EMU which has been on my workbench for years and years. See the workbench page for more details.

Dinosaur diversion

Remember me going on about the value of feedback a while ago?  Well while on the subject of couplings a couple of gents on one of the forums went off on a tangent and remarked that the class 304 looked odd (I had always thought so too but never really tried to figure out why).  So a minor spot of corrective surgery ensued.

modified-304The tweaks required were cutting off the end of the roof and remounting it further back (you can see the cut on the right), reducing the size of the destination box frame and making the lights smaller.  Fixing the bogie on the one on the left and sorting out the cab windows with a file.  Not only did they not match the prototype, they didn’t actually match each other!

304008atBNSsept2013In a more natural setting – Thanks for the feedback guys!