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Welcome to my goodies page.

As I develop parts for my models, some may be of interest to others. I am not a trader as such and I do not hold stocks of all of these items all of the time. I also do not do commissions but if you are interested in some of the bits and pieces I do please email me at jim@p4newstreet.com to discuss your requirements. Please note the lead time on some items can be quite long.

As is often the case, if you have a question about a product (other than ordering info) there’s a fair bet someone else wants to know the answer to so I have enabled comments on this page if you wish to use them.

Drains, manhole covers and general ironwork

Ironwork for Roads/Pavements.   A sheet consisting of 15 drains, 43 small covers (3 designs), 15 round covers, 22 square covers (small), 26 gas covers (small), 15 medium sized covers (3 designs) and 20 large covers (4 designs). In 6 thou’ brass – £10

Ironwork for Platforms. A sheet of 4 large covers and 8 smaller covers (2 designs) – £3

C1/8 Concrete Signalling Troughs

Single boxes with lids. For use as wagon loads, trackside ‘clutter’ or for replicating troughs with missing or open lids. £8 per set of 24

Trackside Runs. Trackside runs of 10 sections, these can be curved. Pack of 4 runs totalling about 21 inches – £7

These are produced with the assistance of Wirral Finescale Railway Modellers.

edit. I’m sorry but due to a price rise from the suppliers I’ve had to increase the cost of these.