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An urge to build in brass

Sometimes I just get an urge to do something new or something that I haven’t done in a while.  This week I had a bit of a hankering to do something with brass,  not like bunging a few CCU’s together but something more creative, something from scratch.

ole-on-end-of-12My intended victim, an isolation mast from the Eastern end of platform 12.  I suppose I could have built a standard (ish) mast but ive done those before and fancied something a bit different, something that’s a bit of a crowd pleaser I suppose.   So a drawing was made, some section picked up from Modellers Mecca and the soldering iron and mini drill fired up for a couple of sessions at my workbench.

OLE isolating mastHeres the result of my labours.  It went together surprisingly well and despite the use of Colin Craig’s insulators and my own etch for the registration arm it’s all good old-fashioned fabrication work.  I have to admit im pretty pleased with how it turned out.OLE-isolating-handlesClose up of the handles and brackets for the isolation gear.


A typical ‘platform enders’ view of the interesting bit!

Question is now, is the urge satisfied or have I just made it worse?

14th April 2010

Several updates this time, starting with my work on producing parts to help people model Scale OLE. Go to the layout section to see  more.

Updated a few of the stock galleries too with classes 08, 25, 50 and 87 all having new pictures. There is a new gallery for class 86 too.

There is a new area in the scenic section for things that don’t really fit in the other sections or warrant a section of their own. Its in the scenic section under miscellaneous.