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30th April 2020

I’ve found that my diversions into road vehicles recently span both the New Street and Brettell Road workbenches. So I’ve set up a third workbench section just for vehicles.

Road vehicles workbench

25th of April 2020

Long time followers may remember my project to build a 15xx tank loco. This is as far as I got but this may hopefully change as Warren shepherd who does a kit in 7mm scale is considering a 4mm scale version. http://www.warrenshephard.com/gwr.htm
He needs at least 24 firm sales to make it viable and expressions of interest are being collected on the GWR modellers Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/921387308231483/?ref=share

18th March 2020

Scalefour North canceled.

Like many (if not all) shows at the moment Scalefour North has been cancelled. Below is the statement from the Scalefour Society.

Scalefour North Cancellation

As many of you will know, the Committee took the position that Scalefour North would go ahead this year unless the event was cancelled by the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School or that Government advice changed from what it was when our decision was made. That situation has now been reached with today’s Government statement by the Prime Minister to avoid all non-essential travel and non-essential contact. Whilst we all enjoy our events, they cannot be regarded as essential in the wider scheme of things, hence our decision to cancel.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to James Dickie and his team, who have put in a lot of hard work to organise this year’s event, unfortunately all now in vain. I would also like to thank those members who have expressed their support for the Committee at this difficult time, it is very much appreciated.

Given the expected peak of Coronavirus, our AGM must be in doubt. We will, of course keep you posted.

John Chambers

So Brettell Roads next outing will be Railex Northeast in July which is currently still going ahead. I will update here if this changes.

December 15th 2019

We had a good show at Wakefield in November with Moor Street. The layout picked up a prize for the wagon hoist which was great. Next outing for us will be Wakefield again in March for Scalefour North with Brettell Road.

20th April 2019

Moor Street performed to its usual high standard at Trainwest last weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat. Our next outing will be at DEMU with Brettell Road on the first weekend of June. (the previous performances will be skewed slightly to have a more diesel bias but not exclusively.) See https://www.demu.org.uk/showcase/showcase-2019

Note the fairly recent change of venue. Hope to see some of you there.

7th March 2019

Calcutta Sidings performed admirably at the recent Glasgow show and seemed very well received with pretty much constant crowds at the front and viewing the fiddle yard. The 3 day show was hard work but enjoyable and aside from Tims van breaking down and having to be left behind whilst repairs were carried out went well. Phil has decided since that Glasgow was Calcutta’s last show and i feel it did bow out on a bit of high.

Our Next outing will be Trainwest in April with Birmingham Moor Street (Click here)

February 10th 2019

Back in 2007 Calcutta Sidings 1 appeared at Model Rail Scotland and this month its successor, Calcutta Sidings 2 will be bringing a bit of Burton back to Glasgow. This will be Calcutta Sidings only outing for 2019 so please stop by for a chat if you are going to the show.


(image © Tom Silsbury and used with permission)

Calcutta Sidings will also be appearing in the upcoming issue of Railway Modeller.

18th September 2018

Exhibition season always ramps up this time of year. This coming weekend i’ll be at Scaleforum helping Mr Horn with his baseboard business. Hard to believe a year ago was Brettell road’s exhibition debut at the same show. Scaleforum 2018

 A few weeks after will see Brettell Road’s 2018 show at Cradley Heath.  Probably the most local show to its inspiration it will ever do! I don’t intend to do any more 1 day shows but as its so local and the organiser is a friend I’ve made an exception. Cradley Heath MRC

2nd April 2018

I’ve added a gallery of images taken or Brettell Road’s debut at Scaleforum last year.   I would like to thank the photographers for kindly allowing me to use their images.

Click here to see the gallery.

March 1st 2018

Good news for wagon builders. You probably know that the Parkside range passed to Peco last year and for those of us working in EM or P4 we were left wondering what would happen to the wheel swap service that they used to offer.  Well is seems that Eileens Emporiam has come to our rescue.   Following is from their Facebook page;

“Since Peco took over the Parkside range, I became conscious that availability at Finescale shows and in particular with Wheel Swap to EM and 18.83 was going to be an issue. After badgering Peco very heavily they have finally decided to let me have an account (this was alluded to in March RM, but no names mentioned), so I am very pleased to report that Eileens Emporium will be stocking Parkside products.

Orders have now been placed with Peco for the complete range of 4mm kits and parts, all 2mm kits and selected 0 Gauge kits. Also ordered are suitable Gibson Wheels and requests in for relevant Transfers from Modelmaster.

The Parkside kits will be added to the website over the next few days and stock is expected around the middle of next week. The website listings will have options for wheel swap to EM and P4 as well as multi pack pricing for quantities of 4 and 10.

The Parkside range is large so it will take us some time to build up the stock levels up to those that we want to hold, so we strongly recommend pre-ordering for show collections with at least 2 week notice.”


Out and about in March

March sees the first exhibition for one of the now 3 layouts i am involved with. Calcutta Sidings 2 will be at Ally Pally this year.  This is Calcutta’s only appearance for 2018 so please stop by for a chat if you are going.


The upcoming shows page is currently up to date if you want to see what we are up to.


Finally I have limited stocks of lineside troughing back in stock. Unfortunately the cost from the etchers has nearly doubled since I last stocked up but if anyone needs any drop me an email.  http://www.p4newstreet.com/contact_me

Merry Christmas everyone

September 26th 2017

Brettell Road went public at Scaleforum last weekend and to be honest I was very pleased with how it went for a first show. There is a (quite short) list of things to address as a result of experience and some of these will form updates on the Brettell Road workbench.  My thanks go to Simon, Phil and Paul as my operating team and they all seemed to enjoy themselves enough to want to do it again!  Thanks also to the Scalefour society and everyone who stopped by to have a look at the layout.

On the same subject Brettell Road is featured in this months MRJ too. A proper article on the layout will follow in MRJ at some point in the future.

15th March 2017

It’s been running for a while now and many of you have already found it but for those who haven’t I have a Facebook page.  I’ll be posting much the same content as here but I hope the Facebook page can be used for people to ask questions too. It’s a bit difficult to ask them on the site unless it’s a topic I’m already talking about. That’s the plan anyway! Click on the picture to go to it.

We are about to kick off out 2017 exhibition season with both Calcutta Sidings and Brettell Road due to go on the road this year. Calcutta will be out first at Scalefour North, the first weekend of April. Again click on the picture for more info.

On the subject of Phil (Calcutta’s owner) he has recently taken over much of Colin Craig’s range of usefull stuff. Phil’s new company is called Stenson Models and can be found here.


Its that time of the year again.

class-101atbnsdec2013The Last full weekend of September is usually scaleforum weekend. I will be there with a collection of DMU’s (along with a EMU or two) dispensing my (erm) wisdom on the subject.  If you are popping along please stop by and say hi.  Full details can be found here

A message from High Level Kits

I would appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open for my GER Coffee pot which was nicked from my stand at Expo EM North on Sunday 18th Sept.

The model was built from one of my kits and to anyone who knows anything about models it would be fairly easily recognisable – it’s a fully etched kit with every conceivable detail. I’ve haven’t sold a lot of them and even fewer will have been built so it’ll be pretty rare. It was built to P4 gauge, numbered 227 and even the GER decals weren’t that easy to get hold of so, considering all the above, it might be the only one like that in existence.

If this was stolen to order, or by an enthusiast then they’re going to have to keep this model out of sight of any other P4 or EM modellers. The thief also stole the identification card from the stand which, at first I thought this was some sort of sick way of twisting the knife, but now wonder if it might be because they were an opportunist with no idea of what it actually and so took the card so they could quote it when moving the model on. For this reason, I would think internet selling places like EBay might be where it‘ll end up.

On the same day a Flat Iron loco in EM gauge was also stolen. Like My Y5, this had great sentimental value to its owner and was irreplaceable. If the two engines are offered together then it’ll be a dead giveaway.

Please, spread the word and keep your eyes peeled. The Police have been informed, but if you know anything contact me at chris@highlevelkits.co.uk

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone.

Just a short note to say I’ve been without broadband for effectively the last 3 weeks.  Hopefully it will be fixed this week but if anyone has sent me an email recently and not heard anything I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

5th January 2015

It’s a bit late I know but happy new year to visitors to my site.

For those who like to read my writings I have an article in the current issue of Finescale Railway Modelling Review. A relatively recent magazine from Bob Barlow and Tim Skackleton. Sort of pitching itself at the MRJ end o the market it’s a nice looking and feeling (I always like a decent paper to be used in magazines) publication.


My article covers the building of New Street’s lamp building along with some thoughts on what I would do differently if I were to build it now. I hope you enjoy it


15th September 2014


In less than 2 weeks, Calcutta Sidings will make its third appearance at a show, This time Scaleforum. For more details of the show please click here.

On the subject of shows I have added an upcoming shows page that lists upcoming appearances for Calcutta Sidings, Birmingham Moor Street, New Street and any demos we might be doing. You can find it in the other section or by clicking here.

Finally some of you have already found it but I have a new workbench section for a little side project I am working on. Much like the plank, it’s really a glorified test bed for stuff I want to try out for new street but this one will be more black country, more early 1960’s and (whisper it quietly) more steam! After a few name changes it called Brettell Road and you can find it in the workbench section.

25th July 2014


Not had an update in a while but I have been busy working on a few more wagons. Click here to go to the wagon section.

29th May 2014

mrj231Those who take an interest in my random scribblings might be interested to know that I have an article on my class 317 EMU in this months MRJ. Its an all D&E theme and also features Tim Horn’s Bass canning line building he built for Phil’s Calcutta Sidings.

On the subject of  D&E this weekend is DEMU’s showcase in Burton on Trent where I will be doing a demo on multiple units, Hope to see some of you there.

Click here for more info.

13th May 2014

Just a quick update to say that we shall be at Expo EM this weekend with the second outing for Calcutta Sidings IIBass on Calcutta Sidings v2 TJH01 ExpoEM 15th September 2013 Copyright Tim HornPic ©Tim Horn and used with permission.

I shall be supplying a small amount of Stock and doing my best to fill up Phil’s car parks so please stop buy for a chat if you are going.

Click here for details.


10th April 2014

Class 114

Those who follow the workbench section of the site will know that I have been converting a Hornby class 110 into a class 114.  Well its nearly done now (just a few tweaks to do) and a new page has been set up for it in the units section.

There are also new pictures in the coaches section and a new page for steel wagons (admittedly with only two to look at so far).

13th March 2014

model rail LEVIts been a good while since I wrote anything for Model Rail Magazine but this months issue has a short article on my model of LEV1 for those who like buses!