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45115-portraitMy model of 45115 has been on my workbench for years – quite literally! Starting life as a mainline example, it had its nose improved first – then switched to an early Bachmann chassis.  When the current Bachmann model appeared I swapped the body and later, upon realising just how squashed the original bogie sideframes were I swapped them too to the newer bachmann ones!

So it’s nearly a standard Bachmann model – except with the main chassis block being the earlier Bachmann effort and the battery boxes being the only parts left from the original Mainline model!

The headlight is from replica and the lifting brackets are Shawplan.  The original bombshell was one of the Modelzone 45/0’s and as such the boiler end was wrong for a ETH fitted peak.

peak-roofThe picture above shows new roof panels and I also filled in the bodyside steps.  The models rather tatty (for me anyway) is as per an image of the real 45115 taken during 1987.

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Michael Hand
Michael Hand
7 years ago

it definitely captures the look of the beast….

Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes
7 years ago

Hi Jim. That’s some nice weathering there. I note what you say about the bogie frames, but this is one area that still looks malnourished … and still does on what I can see with the new 40. The springs are very thinly profiled and I think would benefit from being much beefier. I’ve no solution to this, but if I get one of the new 40s (not yet as I want a disc front Blue one) then this will one area I’ll look into. I’ve never been a real fan of the Peaks… possibly because I don’t really remember them.. but I like your model!