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Hi All

My class 47 project is due to go into hybernation for the winter with the chassis of 47 549 and the roof of 47 485 both requiring airbrushing to proceed. (I do all my spraying outside)  Below is where 485 has gotten to.

The body has received a light weathering and this one will run as a light loco so no need to replace the original lima chassis. (I’d already rebuilt the battery box area so it seemed a shame to bin it.)  I do plan to swap the windows on the rest of my class 47 fleet over the winter an also to mount them on vi-trains chassis but no point posting that here.

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Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes
7 years ago

Sorry to hear that the projects are being put aside for he winter… but yes Airbrushing outside would need warmer and a dryer time of year… I agree. The 47 looks good; there’s something so appealing about the large logo livery… 55s would have looked good in it… if only! You’ve set yourself a good to-do list in the next entry Jim, I wish you luck with whatever you actually achieve. Thanks for posting this all on here; always a good read, and good to see it separately away from the inevitable (but usually welcoming) cluttering comments on RMW.
Have a good Christmas Jim… hope Santa brings you something nice.

4 years ago

Regular reader but just found this page and you are modelling the same loco as me, I am doing 47549 in 1980 condition on a rake of 2Ds with the Bar car as buffet.