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One of the things that struck me as a bit weird with the pics of the class 103 underframes I showed last time was that the bogies seemed to be too far inboard from the ends.  The class 103 (and class 110 for that matter) have bogies centres of 40 feet but Hornby have them set closer to 38 feet.  This is not something I’ve ever seen mentioned before with regards to the Hornby 110.On the trailer and the none powered end of the DMBS, because i had used Brassmasters bogies it was simply a case of moving the bogies out. Originally the mounting plate sat neatly inside the moulding (although raised by some 100thou evergreen strip.  Now they sit outside of the moulding by 20thou as can just be seen in the picture.  At the powered ens U opened out the floor at the inner end and simply bent the forward clip of the bogie to push everything back (the sideframes aren’t the best fit to the power bogie and were way to stiff before anyway!).

The bogies have been backdated with bits of wire and microstrip.  Happier now.   With that, some paint, the seating modified and some LEDs, aside from some windscreen wipers I can call these done.

Class 103

The roof vents were kindly printed for my by my friend John Chivers and I extend my thanks.

Class 129

And finally both units together.

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bill housley
bill housley
10 days ago

Lovely job Jim – I’ve always had a soft spot for the 103’s. Just one observation if I may (and it might just be me), but does the headcode look a bit undernourished? Photos show the letters to be closer together and extend into the whiskers? Just a thought.

bill housley
bill housley
9 days ago
Reply to  jim s-w

Thanks for the reply Jim, but I meant in depth not width? I’ve tried to attach an image, but not sure if it’s worked – if not, this picture shows what I mean (I think!): https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/lnwrcov2773.htm
Hope you don’t think I’m being picky, but those headcode boxes were a big part of the ‘face’ of the DMUs of the time (to me anyway)

bill housley
bill housley
2 days ago
Reply to  jim s-w

Spot on Jim – just what I was waffling on about! Hope I didn’t cause too much angst, and hope you’re pleased too. Thanks for listening – most ignore me…:)