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These Drawings are provided for the use of the modeller in their personal projects and must not be used otherwise without permission. To download the drawings Right click on them and save link.

BLI JGA – an article on these cement tanks by Paul Harrison appeared in DEMU’s Update – issue 41
IZA – Cargo-Waggon twin ferryvan
MJA – Freightliner twin bogie open
PBA – Clay Tiger Bogie hopper
Grainflow – bogie hopper
SSA – 2 axle scrap wagon (re-bodied)
Mark 1 OLE mast – (compound Catenary)
Mark 1 OLE mast – Low wire height for use near bridges
Mark 1 OLE Portal – 4 Tracks, wall mounted at 1 end. This is the lightweight portal and features low encumbrance for use near bridges
Westinghouse EP point machine
FAT 23 Suspension – As found on some long wheelbase 2 axle air braked wagons.
WMPTE Bus stop – Typical ‘Adshell’ type bus stop.