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As you may have guessed I am quite a fan of some of the old Lima Models but there were some real gems in the range that were a long way ahead of the competition at the time. The GUV is one such model, the Sealion is another, which bogies aside still stands up well against the current versions of the same vehicle. The Bachmann GUV is a better model out of the box but with a bit of work the lima one can be its equal. It’s also a lot cheaper which makes it good for bashing into different types.

One type I have wanted to do for a while is the Gangwayed Newspaper variety. Newspaper traffic was just drawing to a close at the time New Street is set.
gangwayed-GUV-pt1My chosen route was to use the lima body and underframe mated to a Replica BG Roof and ends with the same companies B5 bogies. The handrails and ‘blackboards’ were cut/filed off the bodyside and a new toilet widow added at one end. I also removed the raised window beading that GUV’s never had.

As the roof and ends are now permanently attached to the body I cut 3 large holes into the floor so that I could get back inside to do the windows later. The battery boxes have been cut off the underframe and replaced with new ones from Hurst Models while the buffers are MJT retracted ones. For some reason the dynamo was mounted the wrong way round so this has been cut off and re-attached.

To mount the B5 bogies a pad of 100x250thou microstrip was added to the flor and drilled for a 2mm bolt.

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Phil Bartlett
Phil Bartlett
7 years ago

Nice work Jim.
From memory the Walsall van was either 85526 or 85534 and i think was worked from Euston to New St in 1G00. The loco for 1G04 was diagrammed a 45/1 and and departed New St around 0300ish vua Bescot and onto the down slow platform at Walsall. After WH Smith emptied the van 5G17 ran empty to Curzon St via Sutton Park and Landor St, i believe the loco then ran light the few hundred yards to Vauxhall & Duddeston to pick up some stock for a Cardiff or West of England trsin starting from New St.

Of course timetables and diagrams changed from year to year so the above information was only current for a while. Something tells me that the 45/1 was later replaced by a 31/4 which may gave been the loco which took the coaches for the 0815 Birmingham-Norwich from Vauxhall.

Not sure if 1G00 conveyed any other vans similar to this, but nice project Jim

Bob Reid
7 years ago

It’s one of those popular myth’s Jim that the GUV’s didn’t receive external glazing frames – several did in later life – totally altering the look. Gone was the single piece of glass to be replaced with two affixed to the rear of an alloy frame similar to the Mk1 BG’s – see here http://80srail.zenfolio.com/p631224373/he273b17#hf0b61ba and here also http://80srail.zenfolio.com/p631224373/he273b17#hf0b61ba I must admit to having no realised it myself, and most didn’t however you’re on safe ground modelling them with or without as there plenty of example of both where the NLX is concerned!

reg wildman
7 years ago

Well done again Jim ,looks so much better now.

Colin Parks
Colin Parks
7 years ago

Nice work Jim.

You mention the large holes for access to the inside for the purpose of adding glazing. What are you going to use for the window panes?

All the best,