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One of the most common questions I get asked when I tell people I am going to model the shopping centre is ‘What will we actually see?’  So far I have had to try to describe that the intention is to leave off the rear wall of Platform 12 to give the viewer the impression that they are standing on the platform.  With work complete on all of the canopies for board three I can now just show you what you will see if you ever come to see New Street at a show somewhere.

under-the-roof-5This is the view from just under the roof at the Wolverhampton end, looking into the station.

under-the-roof-2The view from the middle of the platforms looking towards the Wolverhampton end


A few signs of life!

Hopefully these views demonstrate why I felt I have to have the roof on as it just wouldn’t be New Street without it.

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Dave 87101
Dave 87101
7 years ago

Looks great Jim you realy have have captured the ‘feel’ of New St. Looking forward to seeing upstairs take shape.

Ian Hodgkiss
7 years ago

Cool. Really captures the look and feel of a real railway station.

I assume there will be lots of indecipherable announcements and door slams etc!!!!!

Colin Parks
Colin Parks
7 years ago

Superb Jim -just how I remember it!


Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch
7 years ago

Simply stunning work. Really captured the whole place perfectly. It’s just like being there, standing on one of those platforms in the mid-eighties, waiting for the train to Perry Barr. I always remember what you once wrote; model what you see and not what you think. P4 New Street is living proof of the soundness of that philosophy.

Still think you ought to model the over bridge though!