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I would like to share some thoughts on the subject of Feedback.

Feedback will always be welcome on my workbench page. It doesn’t have to be the way I would word it or timed how I would like it. It doesn’t have to be qualified or backed up with anything, its my model so I expect to do the homework, I don’t expect it to be done for me. You don’t have to feel that you can do better to have an opinion as we all see things differently.  Some of it i may agree with, some of it i wont.  Some I may agree but decide not to follow for whatever reason but rest assured I always appreciate it.

Giving feedback takes time.  For someone to read something and then provide a comment shows a degree of effort that does not go unnoticed.  The intention of such a person will always be good even if the feedback is particularly blunt or ‘nit pickey’ because at the end of the day if people didn’t care they wouldn’t bother.

Sadly criticism is frowned upon these days but not without good reason.  Some people don’t like it or can’t take it, we have all witnessed toys departing from prams, or comments being ignored on Model Railway forums over the merest suggestion that something could be better but surely the desire for feedback is the reason why we share our efforts?

Isn’t it?

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Graham Beare
Graham Beare
7 years ago

Now that is a really thoughtful post and one which deserves a nod of appreciation from the audience. A good point made well.

regards, Graham

7 years ago

Just some observations.

Is it a Southern Pride model? If so like many of their Mk1s the roof appears to overhang too much on the ends. The body seems to be riding high on the bogies. I know they are B4 and are not as high as a Mk1 bogie but the gap between the body and the bogie top looks to great. The body end and side do not line up. The end is hanging over the headstock and is lower than the side.

See http://www.flickr.com/photos/linda_chen/6853268959/

Do I pass the test? 🙂