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I have always thought that the back of a train is just as important as the front.  It’s usually the last memory you have as it trundles off to where-ever its going.  With regard to improving the Airfix Mk2’s this is a bit of a problem as the gangways are kind of odd,  Too long and lacking the windows.

mk2-gangwayCutting a couple of mil’ off the length makes all the difference while adding the windows and the dividing bar are simple ways to improve the look of the gangway. You can also see from the above image the filing mentioned in the previous post to improve the look of the tumble home.  I don’t know if the picture below conveys the difference all that well but its quite noticeable in real life.


mk2s-compared-aAbove, a simple before and after comparison. With a bit of work there’s no reason at all to abandon the good old Airfix Mk2s!

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Shaun harvey
Shaun harvey
7 years ago

If you want some more second hand affix mk ii coaches great eastern models in Norwich have a load newly on their second hand table.