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Regular readers will be aware that I plan to model Brettell Road in the rain. While falling rain is not doable and if it was to scale wouldn’t be visible anyway I believe it’s worth trying to show the effects of rainfall. Of course it will be frozen in time but I don’t think there’s a lot I can do about that and I’d like to credit those who view the layout in the flesh with a degree of imagination.

Aside from things looking wet the other thing I wanted to try was raindrops in puddles and the canal.

The canal itself was done with multiple layers of varnish as per Gordon Gravetts book then the area where the bridges were masked and more varnish added (Humbrol clear) with baking soda sprinkled on while wet. I did try cold and warm varnish  to see if it made any difference but found it didn’t.

The above image shows the canal in position (again you will have to imagine the walls) and below in something approaching the light I plan the final project to have.

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Kelvin Martin
Kelvin Martin
5 years ago

Looks good jim noticed it straight away before reading the caption 😀

reg wildman
reg wildman
5 years ago

I can see what you have done there Jim.
No raindrops under the bridge . Very clever.

Iain Robinson
5 years ago

Nice to see something different, especially considering that rain is more or less the default in this country 🙂 I love the drops on the canal and the way you have left a calm area under the bridges. Once I started thinking about it, I realised that the rain approach affects everything…all colours will be darker and richer, carriage roofs will be gloss etc etc…it’s a brilliant idea and I look forward to seeing it develop.