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So far most of the pictures of the layout look away from the station. Most pictures people take at New Street look inwards.  Problem is that while there’s no shopping center in place the common views of the real station don’t really work on the model.  Having said that the opportunities are slowly opening up.  Below is the latest ‘new’ view of the layout.class31atBNSdec2013smallIt’s not just the camera that is looking towards the building.  I plan to use a combination of Laser cutting and etching for the repetitive bits of the main building.  Work has started on drawing parts up with a view to creating something solid in the new year. With it comes decisions though.
9512203644_a858cca560_cThe above picture (© Andy Thompson and used with his kind permission) shows where I plan to start.  Namely with the ramps at the Wolve’s end.  The picture also shows the effect that I am still considering with regard to making the layout ‘wet’ (see an earlier post).  First decision concerns the sign above the nose of the 87.  My era depicts the changeover from the Birmingham Shopping Center to the Pallasades Shopping Center. in this instance that means the above sign or no sign at all.ironworkBefore laser cutters the sign would have been quite tricky but now it’s probably the easier option.  I’m drawn to the image above though as it appeals to my ‘urban grim’ tastes.  I’ll probably go for the none sign version I think!

To see more of Andy’s pictures click here.

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Ian Hodgkiss
7 years ago

It’s not so much urban grim as down right ugly. Under the centre sign the posts even look haphazard! The new views are really starting to give this model a taste of the real thing – warts and all!