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Aside from some odd ball test bogies the Mk3 coaches ride arround on BT10 bogies of which there are 2 obvious types.

On  the left a BT10 bogie fitted with Girling wheel slip detection as fitted to the prototpe HST vehicles and loco hauled Mk3a coaches.  On the right the BR wheel slip version as fitted to most production HSTs and loco hauled Mk3b coaches. Both pictures show the right hand end bogie which is where the distinctive orange boxes are.

Top left. The Joeuf bogie representing the Girling version.  Joeuf have moulded the wheelslip gear on both sides so it need to be carved off the left hand end bogie side (as you look at the coach.)

Top right. The Southern Pride cast version of the same bogie.

Bottom left.  Southern Prides version of the BR version BT10 bogie.

Bottom right. The lima BT10 comes without any wheel slip gear at all.  as can be seen from this picture I have fitted larger axleboxes and make a representation of the BR equipment from wire and microstrip.

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Dave long
Dave long
8 years ago

So which do you prefer Jim?
Your modified Lima version and the Southern pride BR version look closet to prototype.


Phil Eames
Phil Eames
8 years ago

I have it in mind that there is another difference in BT10 bogies. Some are Short Swing Link and others are Long Swing Link. The Long Swing Link type are barred from operating over lines equipped with 3rd Rail. This is due to a risk of shorting. I cannot for the life of me find the reference photos I have in the library though!

I am not sure if its worth modelling the difference though? It certainly wasn’t on CS as things just whip through at 100 mph.


Chris Shutt
Chris Shutt
7 years ago

Just looking at the Jouef bogie, it struck me that the coil springs are coiled in the opposite way to the others. May be it is that the right hand side of the bogie is a mirror of the left – Something to take a closer look at?

Tim Hitch
Tim Hitch
1 year ago

What about the short swing link versions that allowed the coaches to run over 3rd rail lines?