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Ok, I know that Bachmann have announced mk2e’s and f’s and I have every reason to believe they will probably be really nice models and sell by the bucket load.  However given the amount of coaches I will need and that I have been stockpiling airfix/dapol Mk2d’s for a good few years now there’s no reason to abandon those just yet.

mk2e-in-progressThe above came to me ready started and I have just added some etched bits, window frames from Shawplan and bogie/end steps from my own etches.  Im thinking I will probably just cut a hole for the repositioned toilet window when I do my own from the start.  The air conditioners were cut off and remounted 2mm lower.  This will be one of the earlier Mk2e’s with the deeper door windows as per the Mk2d’s.  One of the modifications Brian at Shawplan recommends is to file the bottom of the tumblehome to make it rounder.  When the coach is finished i’ll take a before and after picture to compare.

Steven Mcnaught wrote a great article on modelling Mk2 coaches in the November issue of Rail Express.


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