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mk3-rfm-paintThe RFM has been through the paint shop and glazing added from a brown plastic folder (from an office supplier).  I’ll add another picture to the coaches section when it’s received some light weathering.   Up next will be either a mk1 or a m project, I havent decided yet!

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Dave Smith
7 years ago

Happy memories of the day I upgraded and got a full breakfast in one of those at Christmas, 1993!

richard askham
richard askham
7 years ago

I like the look of that.

did these have the tinted windows from new?

I have a rake of jouef coaches to do, and i was looking at the laserglaze from shawplan but over 7 coaches that will be expensive!

Simon Glidewell
7 years ago

This coach now looks outstanding Jim (on your news page); the weathering is particularly effective. They’re rather handsome vehicles, especially as part of a loco hauled consist.

All the best