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Ok I admit, doing the Mk3 TRSB earlier was just a bit addictive.  I do need to do another 2  but I have been looking at the loco hauled options too, namely these…

mk3-rfmMk3 RFM (restaurant first modular).  2 were converted in 1984 from spare HST TRUKs with more following on later (and after the period the layout is set) converted from more TRUK’s or loco hauled FO’s.  This means the fleet is a bit of a hotch potch of detail differences.   The most noticeable being that later vehicles have 7 full size windows on the corridor side rather than 4.  The underframes are a myriad of differences as are the roofs with different vents and positions for the air con access hatch at the restaurant end.  Even the first 2 ride on different bogies from each other, 10200 having the Girling wheel slip gear and  10201 being fitted with BR equipment.

The model

As with the earlier TRUK the body was filled or holes cut in it as required and fitted with new window frames from Extreme Etches.  The underframe had the incorrect modules cut out and some where moved arround while others made from scratch. The pic below shows which bits were cut out

RMF-underframe-modsBuffers are from MJT.  The old roof vents were filed away (the real coach has scars shere the old vents were so that saves having to try to preserve the ribs) and the bogies modified as per my earlier posting. Below is the structurally complete coach ready for the paint shop.  Theres a pic of 10201 in the HST Silver Jubilee book (page 55) showing it in the original Intercity livery, I guess 10200 was outshopped in the same colours but i believe the rest of the RFM’s entered service in swallow livery.


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Colin Parks
Colin Parks
7 years ago

Hi Jim,

The Mk.3 coach improvements look very good. As a matter of interest, roughly how many coaches will you need to work the layout?!

All the best,