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I suppose modules is the right word, it’s certainly how I am approaching the various structures that nestle on the platforms.

lift-modulethese are 2 of the lift modules that appear on the ‘A’ platforms (that’s Derby/London or Eastern end of the station.  The large flick through timetables are still there.  The area where the wall is recessed had benches in the 1980’s.  These will be replicated by using cut down DMU seats from DC Kits.

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Colin Parks
Colin Parks
7 years ago

Hi Jim,

Excellent work as always.

These platform features take me back to my days at Cambrian Models in the eighties. I would sometimes take the train to Euston with siutcases full of kits bound for the shop at King’s Cross. I must have been past those modules many times!

The Inter-City train from Shrewsbury stopped at New Street. It always seemed more like an underground station – especially with the white tiling. Another thing that I remember is that the station had the impression of being quite small and very busy.

All the best,


Chad Bevan
Chad Bevan
7 years ago

Hi Jim,

Came across this site the other day and thought it could be some use to you, that is if you’re still building the station!


And another link I thought could be good – airline posters. Maybe just a few, idk, but there’s a good selection here: