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Well the engineering works, true to form, over ran and took a bit longer than I expected. However the mini people of Brierley Hill will be pleased to hear that services can resume.I used to be a fan of the JLTRT track colour spray paint but as that range is long gone now and my last can was pretty much done for an alternative was required.  Halfords do a ‘camouflage’ range of very matt colours in their rattle cans and the brown is ideal as a basic track colour. The completed track ballasted and weathered from under the bridge. The blocks on the right are for the point rodding and I haven’t fitted the point motors yet. The left hand end from the other side of the bridge. I have a couple of ground signals to add yet. And the right hand end.  This is the end that required the most adjustment of whats already there. The bridges over the canal have been adapted to fit in their new locations.  I still have a bit of work to bed them in properly and I intend to fit a couple of central girders between the tracks on both levels. The nearer buffer stop has been repositioned slightly and a new bridge built.  I decided to angle it a little and do a bit of scruffy road to go behind it. Old meets new!

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20 days ago

Nice work

Mike Lynch
19 days ago

Brilliant as usual. Love this layout but have to ask when work on New Street will resume?