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class 100 DMU, class 105 DMUHi All

Just to draw a line under my oddball DMU project, heres the pair complete bar the weathering.  As the weathering will essentially be a repeat of the entry for the class 108 DMU theres no real reason to repeat it here but I will add pictures to the DMU galleries when they are done.  The windows on the class 100 are a combination of Hornby’s 110 and the Replica flush glazing for their Mk1 coaches. The plain windows being cut from acetate sheet and everything being secured in place with Klear.

The tail lamp is a bachmann one with a new handle from 0.35mm wire.

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Dave Smith
7 years ago

A nice job Jim, very reminiscent of the weird lash-ups I used to see in Glasgow Queen Street in the 1980s!

Dave Smith
7 years ago

I would actually like to create a Gloucester at some point Jim. Was it a difficult job to convert from the 110?