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The comment in part 1 about the 105 being a tip from the box job wasnt 100% accurate. The 105 I got had headcodes but my prototype doesn’t so out with the filler and sandpaper!

The model was also a DMC when I need a DMS but luckily some careful work with fine sandpaper and the yellow stripe came off.  Thinners on a cotton bud took care of the first class stickers on the windows and the numbers.

On to the chassis – the 1o5 only needing the buffers replacing with something finer (18″ Oloes from A1 models) and the buffer beam painting red on both vehicles.  On the class 100 I ground off all of the little brackets on the solebar and added bits of microstrip to deepen the underframe.  I havent re-attached the radiators yet.

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Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes
7 years ago

Hi Jim, I’ve a 105 on my bench too… and can’t abide the colour of the interior so I’ve repainted it better shades of blue… although it all needs finishing off and tidying. I had the headcode one too – without the headcode, but it now has my appropriate B2 in each end… representing our local boneshakers until replaced by “the then” smooth but cramped Great Northern Electrics 313s in 76.
Good luck with the project.