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Not everything that was first class had the yellow stripe it appears.  When the Mk3a RUB’s were converted to RFB’s the only external difference was the addition (sometimes in a fairly slapdash way) of the number 1 on one or both doors per side.

7620732316_169e633b91_cThe above image ( © 2012 John Turner/53a Models of Hull Collection and used with kind permission) shows just what a Heath Robinson affair was made of some of the vehicles.  Note the 1 is a different size to that on the Mk2 nearest and that it’s in different places on both doors.

It’s all good fun and will give the ‘exhibition experts’ something to get excited about.

To see more of John’s superb collection of images click here.Thanks to those on the Coaching Stock Yahoo group for their assistance on this one.


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