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Progress continues on my class 25’s.  I cut out a little jig for the triangular panels on the sides of 25059

triangle-templateIt was then a simple case of scoring round it for the panels (1 on one side, 2 on the other)

class-25-roof-fansIt’s not that the Bachmann roof fan is course as it’s not too bad for what is quite an old RTR model.  It’s that it’s so small compared to a scale one.  I’ll need to order some more from Brian (and some for the 45 too while im at it.)

25059-revampProgress on 25059.  The window has been deepened and the top of the gangway door raised by 20 thou.  The bodyside grill hinges are 10×40 thou strip and are only on this side.  I re-did the tail lamps, lamp irons and handrails while I was at it.


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