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rods-and-wiresIve recently been adding the signal wires to the layout. The wheels are from Brassmasters with the majority of the actual wires being from easyline. The posts are made from 1mm strip with 0.7mm brass rod for the pullies. old-rampAs with the point rodding I wanted to include some leftovers from the branch line, No wires but some pullies and posts along with a rudimentary walkway over the now long gone wires. deeley-bwThe abandoned building is now fixed in place too, a bit more work needed to bed it in but here’s a pic of the Deeley tank simmering away in front of it.  Ive done a little video of a spot of shunting that shows all of the Brettell Road loco fleet (so far) the limp you can see on the deeley was caused by one of the rods being a bit too long, now corrected.

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Colin Parks
Colin Parks
4 years ago

Hi Jim,

Excellent video and pictures of the rodding and signal wires!

The movement of the motion of the steam loco in the video clip is quite mesmeric, with impressive slow- running too.

All the best,