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I’ve always liked mechanical signals, the ones on Moor Street are great fun to play with but for New Street I wont get the chance to have any.  However for Brettell Road there are 2 (one of which is abandoned) so I have got to have a go at making some from MSE kits.
disused signal
First up the disused one, based on a photo I found. This one would actually be a repeater for the main signal the other side of the bridge due to sighting problems. Weathering is done with gouache. I replaced the supplied ladder with one of Colin Craig’s.
ground signal 1
ground signal 2
The other signal is this little ground signal (yellow so that the headshunt can be used when its set to danger) I deviated from the MSE instructions by making the counterweight arm work too. Theres a fibre optic in the lamp but its a bugger to photograph – you can just make it out in the second picture. It looks a bit blue but I was using a white light source – changing it to a yellow one should correct this.

Finally as I was tidying up I left a pack of LED’s lying on the layout and purely by chance it illuminated the signal. Thinking it looked quite nice I took the image below – I’d like to claim it was carefully planned but nope – this was just lucky!
signal in the dark
Click here for Model Signal Engineering’s website

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6 years ago

Cracking work! Your output constantly amazes me, I’m a big fan of etched brass and these are testament to your skill and creativity, thank you for sharing.
I didn’t even know yellow stripe ground signals existed, another one for the ‘I-must-make-one-of-those-one-day’ list.

Colin Parks
Colin Parks
6 years ago

Hi Jim,

I amazed at the speed this project is progressing. In fact, at first I thought the pictures were of an example of something you intended to make for your layout, then I realised it was actually on there!
The scenic work is advancing by the looks of things too.
I might not post comments that often, but I am always watching.

All the best,