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I fancied a diesel shunter for Brettell Road.  I was quite taken with the idea of bringing my decades dead mainline class 03 back from the grave with a High Level Chassis but as I though about it I drifted away from the idea. A quick win would be just to get a Black 08 and swap the wheels but where is the fun in that?  class-11-startedSo what I have ended up with is basically the class 08’s older brother, the class 11.  Work so far started with a Bachmann 08. I fitted the smaller 3ft 11 wheels and Brassmasters coupling rods. Some general underframe detailing has been started along with the spring overlays from Mr Horn.  Rather than file off all the bodyside doors I thought it easier to just replace the bodysides so that I had a nice flat base to work on. shunters-comparedThe cab roof of a class 11 is a lot more like a continuous curve than the 08 and it just so happens that when lima did their model they completely cocked it up!  So much so that it appears they might have been working from class 11 drawings as it seems to match pretty well. So it’s a no brainer to swap the cabs over.   I have also reduced the depth of the bufferbeam and will need to relocate the buffers.

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