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Thanks to everyone who commented on the last entry about the weather. I have been looking at puddles (ok that sounds REALLY weird I grant you) and have done some more experimentation on a scrap bit of card (sprayed to look like tarmac).
puddle-test-1There’s 3 rows here, on the left just Klear and in the center and on the right I sprayed a very light coat of black first (the Klear was applied with my airbrush in all cases)

puddle-test-2The pre darkened areas look much more like the real thing I think.

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Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch
7 years ago

That looks spot on to me Jim. I’m going to get some of that Klear for myself as it’s certainly a handy component of the weathering box. Like the gradient effect; more wet looking in the dip, getting drier toward the edge. Very well observed.

Chad Bevan
Chad Bevan
7 years ago

If you’re thinking of seasons (sorry in advance for being uber technical), but time of day would also dictate what sort of residue would be left. The day warms up by around two, so looking at your puddles I’d say there was a shower at 9am, and it’s now 11!