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The thing I have found building something large and repetative is to celebrate the little milestones rather than just focus purely on the final destination.  I also find its good to look back now and then too, so with that in mind…

platforms overview july2012bBack in July last year I was here with my platforms. station-overview-march2013 Today I am here.  The milestone is that all the pillars on the nearest board are done.  In fact there is only the large walls halfway along the ramps that display the timetables, some iron work on the platforms and people (more thought on those in a future update) to do and the platfroms on this board can be considered finished. board-3-pillars-doneNext stage is to finish the pillars and final structures on the next board and once the ironwork and people are done thoughts can turn to the ceilings.

I must admit I wanted to be here earlier than now but got distracted.  Once the ceilings are in and the lighting is working I feel the model will really start to feel like the real place.

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