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Last time I ended with a selection of Eddie Stobart vehicles that looked somewhat nervous, not without good reason.

The simple (or should I say least mauled) option from these is shown on the right. Basically a simple repaint with a new headboard (is that what they are called?) of the DAF 2800 tractor. On the right the same cab mated with the chassis of the much out of period volvo unit. The fuel tank and other chassis details were cut off and transferred over as well.

The left over chassis was mated with an old KeilKraft (now Knightwing) Mercedes cab. Like the Volvo mentioned in an earlier post it was reduced in width by about 3mm.

Finally the tipper truck (the same base model that I have cut about previously) was mated with the Daf 2200 cab and chassis to produce yet another variation. I shortned the body on this one as well but not by as much as my AEC blue one.

In all the vehicles that have logos these were drawn up in Illustrator and printed on Crafty computer decal paper.

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Alan Haydock
Alan Haydock
4 months ago

Hi Jim,

I feel I should point out that the building contractor was ‘Wimpey’, the other ‘Wimpy’ was the burger joint and Popeye’s friend!
Cheers, Alan

PS The trucks look great!