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Track laying done (well the tricky bits)

I must admit I’m a bit out of practise with this track building stuff and this took a bit longer than I thought. Above is an overview of the trackwork so far with just some plain track still to do.
First up is a double slip that isn’t! It’s actually just a normal turnout from an operational point of view with one end blocked and clamped so it doesn’t move.
At the other end I’ve removed two of the point blades to depict that the line it leads too is out of use.
On the other board is a 3 way point. I’ve always found these more tricky than double slips although they are less work.
It’s the way the 3 vees have to interact that makes them tricky. I also messed up the first set of blades and got one in the wrong place so I had to do it again. It was only once I’d done it that I remembered I might have done exactly the same thing last time I did a 3 way!