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It’s alive!

With the track finished and wiring done the first train has had a run round the layout. Surprisingly for a first running session, nothing fell off! In the absence of suitable stock 08610 and a short rake of modern wagons did the honours!
I think my fascination with chopping up hornby class 110 DMUs is turning into a bit of an obsession! A quick browse on EBay saw another victim picked up cheaply (althoug this is the first time ive ever had a complete one). Question is what to do with it. Looking at some early ’60s pictures there’s a couple of options and I present the case for each below.

Class 100

Seemed to be quite common in the area.
I’ve done one before so I know what to do
It appeals to my function over form tendencies.

I’ve done one before!

Class 103

Quite an attactive looking unit
I haven’t done one before

Less common than the class 100s

Perhaps I need to ask my audience what they would prefer to see?