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A spot of reading


Been doing a spot of shopping, first up are a couple of new(ish) books by Kevin Derrick and published buy Strathwood. I’ve always liked class 25s and 45s so the these books are right up my street. A4 hardbacks and full colour they are essentially picture books with a very brief intro. That’s fine with me as other books dealing with the technical sides of these locos are already out there and do we really need a repeat? Besides pictures appeal to my, ‘what does it look like, I don’t care how it does what it does’ approach to things.
What I like about these 2 books is that effort has been put in to showing different livery variations and in the case of the Peaks nameplates (including the painted ones). Add in there’s some nice New Street shots in both and I’m more than happy.
£19.99 each website

Sometimes an impulse buy can lead to a whole load of trouble. In this instance I’ve always liked Jintys and indeed I scratchbuilt a body for an n gauge one as a kid. It was a bit rubbish to be honest, ok a lot rubbish and the fact that it was scratchbuilt couldn’t save it from the bin! However the Great British Locomotives collection have just done one and for less than a tenner I couldn’t resist!

This is how it came out of the packet although I did reattach the bufferbeam so that it was straight. The magazine isn’t really one, more of a stand alone article but I was surprised that it’s quite well done with some good images and illustrations.
In the real world steam wasn’t allowed in New Street in my era so the above would never have happened but it’s good for a little flight of fantasy.
The problem is I’ve found myself looking at the Brassmasters detailing kit, as well as the High Level chassis kit. Also thoughts of a small diorama based on some sort of industrial setting and set at night (and in the rain). This is not a good thing!

Revisiting a few locos

I have decided to revisit a few locos that I have found out a little more about since i did them.  The lineup is as follows.


A few class 50s had some subtle variations from the rest of the fleet.  A lot of class 50 fans will know that 50050 didn’t have the horizontal handrails on the nose front but 50033 lacked the vertical ones at the no. 1 end.  This will be a quick fix.  I have also discovered that 50007 (which I havent done) had a dropped cab at one end.  Anyone fancy cutting a cab off, filing it a smidge and sticking it back on to represent this feature?


Ive never been that happy with this one as subsequent late body 25’s that I did had the Bachmann bodies mated with the Silver Fox cabs.  288 is all Silver fox so I plan to cut the cabs off and bring it to a consistent standard to the others. It will also become a 25/9 which fits my period.


A few things to do on this one.  The central window is too small and needs to be deepened.  I will replace the roof fan with a Shawplan/EE one and the bodyside grills had hinges on one side only.  Also I need to add in the extra ‘triangle’ that 059 carried on the body side. Finally I will improve the cabside windows.  I am hoping I can avoid a repaint on this one.

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