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Some more road vehicles

Oxford diecast continue to act as lifesavers in the world of road vehicles for more recent layouts.  Yes, they do tend to go for the more exotic (or chavvy) versions but when it’s that or nothing we can’t really complain a great deal.  Hence the Vauxhall Astra – supplied as the Mk2 GTE but still very handy for New Street, the Mk2 being first introduced in 1984.  The middle one shows the quite nice casting once you strip the caked on white paint off!  I know I have gone on about this before but the super thick paint really does the toolmakers no favours. White seems to be the worst culprit.   On the right a more standard version achieved by cutting the spoiler off, filling the vents on the bonnet and tweaking the radiator a smidge.   All finished in a fetching shade of mud brown (why did people buy this colour?)

Also from Vauxhall the Cavalier, also a Mk2 but i think this is the post 1985 face lifted version.   I’ve picked out the grill in black and outlined the window frames. Some light weathering and a blast of matt varnish as is my standard approach with all vehicles.  I also removed the rather naff looking sunroof which was literally just a printed on silver panel.  It seemed to withstand efforts with thinners and IPA so I sanded it off in the end.

Similar treatment for the Volvo which would be a fair bit older on New Street.  A Volvo 300 series would be a nice addition to the range if Oxford are listening!!

Finally an EFE Bedford TK which cropped up really cheaply on Ebay. I brought it just because it was orange as much as any better reason, being in GM buses livery.  The livery elements on this one responding well to IPA.  I’ve just fitted new wheels from RTI and weathered it with a mixture of enamels and gouache.