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Buffer stops

Despite Brettell Road being a fraction of the size of New Street it needs a lot more buffer stops. I’ve had my eye on the growing range from Lanarkshire Models for a while but up until now I’ve not had anything I can use them on.
I decided to go for the Midland type but with an LMS/BR one thrown in for a spot of variety. The kits cater for 00 or EM/P4 by the virtue of 2 different bufferbeams. There’s only 5 parts per kit and all are very cleanly cast with only a tiny bit of tidying up needed. You will need to add sleepers and chairs of your choice. I found for some reason my usual brand of superglue (zap with the pink label) didn’t want to grab the white metal so I soldered the sides and just glued the bufferbeams (with a piece of tracing paper sandwiched each side for insulation). You can judge the end results for yourself.

Lanarkshire Models growing range of buffer stops can be found here.