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21st October 2009

Time for another update. There are a few new sections to the website as well as a conclusion to an ongoing project!

First up I have had a track building urge again and good progress has been made on the London/Derby end station thoat. To see more go to the track page.

A new section on how I am building my roads can be found in the scenary section.

If you have roads you need vehicles to go on them! See more in the Vehicles section.

Finally my staff building is finished!

21st July 2009

I have made good progress over the last few months and took a section of the layout to the RMweb Members day at Chasewater. Nothing like a show to focus your attention even if it is only a demo and it doesn’t have to be finished.

James Hilton, Paul Burkitt-Gray and Tim Maddocks took images of the layouts outing and a big thanks to them for letting me reproduce them on my site. More pictures are on the shows page.

Above image © Paul Burkitt-Gray

Progress continues on my staff building, if you want to see more then please go to the layout section.