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Not the sort with tracks and a large gun sticking out of the front but storage tanks
These are resin kits from Unit models with a bit of extra detail added. If you are not familiar with Unit models they are a little company with an extremely useful range of bits and bobs for scratchbuilders – well worth checking out their site.

A pet peeve I have is really nicely modelled layouts with ever so shiny road vehicles that are clearly tipped from the box. These are usually done by quite skilled modelers who wouldn’t accept such a thing if it was a rail vehicle but are happy too for cars, trucks and vans. Odd then that ive just done a lorry for Brettell Road that is deliberately shiny!
You may have thought that the tanks look shiny too and you would be right. Part of the plan to model Brettell Road is to model it in the rain. I’ve seen layouts that depict snow but never rain which is a tad odd when you consider that in the UK on average it rains for 1 in every 3 days! This lorry is effectively a freebie, using left over bits from lorries done for New Street.

I realised that the picture of the double slip that isn’t in an earlier post is a bit confusing. However once a spot of paint is added it becomes much more obvious which bits are used and which bits are not.
Finally a start has been made on the scenic side of things. Its early stages at the moment but the below picture gives a good idea of the effect I have in mind for the layout.

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Keith Ryder
Keith Ryder
6 years ago

Hello Jim,

Really enjoy following your blog, haven’t replied before as I don’t usually have anything useful to say.

As regards ‘wet’ layouts, Marc Smith has done a very effective micro, called ‘Wales,rails,rain & steel’. Not only is it set in the rain, but also at night too! He also often uses very effective sound effects of thunder etc when running at exhibitions. He has a thread about it on RMweb.

I’m following your new layout on the Scalefour forum & look forward to seeing it progress.


Jon Gwinnett
Jon Gwinnett
6 years ago

Hi Jim,

Looking good. One observation on the Albion though, I think the rays of the sunrise logo would be infilled red, not body colour. Not a big deal but just a wee thought. (PS I don’t have absolute evidence for this, but can’t recall ever seeing an Albion with other than red rays), as seen here:

[urlcomment image[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/o1rtxJ]Sure as the sunrise[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/25588407@N03/]jongwinnett[/url], on Flickr

Cheers (and apologies for nit picking)

(whose wife’s granddad worked at “the Albion” as did various Great Uncles etc.)