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Attention has moved the the under frames of my DMU project. As I mentioned when building my class 114 the easy option for the 103 would be to stick with the 110 under frames and I would expect most people wouldn’t notice.  However as per my 114 project that wont really do.

The DMBS.  Its easier to start with a center car chassis than a power car as when you cut off the Hornby details it gives you a flat floor to work on rather than just a hole. The battery boxes are from Replica and most of the other (black) bits are spares from a Heljan class 128.  The white bits are scratchbuilt and the buffers are from Lanarkshire models. The heating ducts on a class 103 are quite distinctive as is the way the exhausts are routed past the inner bogie.

The DTCL I must add a note of thanks to Eddie Knorn for his assistance in helping me work out were the bits all go.

For the class 129 the obvious thing to do would be to mount the body on a Bachmann class 105 chassis.  However the class 129 chassis is a bit different to a normal cravens unit and shares some parts with a class 108, especially the distinctive battery boxes. So most of these one came from a Bachmann 108 with again some scratchbuilt parts  Buffers and their stools again come from Lanarkshire models.

With all these there is still a little more to do before paint, namely bogie steps, air horns and lamp irons.

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John Howell
John Howell
16 days ago

Which bogies are these and/or which of the ones available are “best” in your opinion? I’m assuming, dangerously, that all/most real life DMU bogies were the same!

I wonder if it might be worthwhile making references to suppliers as “clickable” links, in this instance Lanarkshire Models ( lanarkshiremodels.com )? Might be just a small way to help them along by perhaps giving them a bit more business? I have no connection with them, or other suppliers, just would like to try and encourage them all!

Regardless, always interesting to see new posts.

John Howell
John Howell
13 days ago
Reply to  jim s-w

Thanks for responses. Must keep an eye out for the Hornby 110 ones as spares then.