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The Lima mk2f.  Not a bad effort for the time with a better body shape than the Airfix Mk2D.  It did have a few problems though.

It used their Standard B4 bogie which appears to be something like 3.8mm scale rather than 4mm.  There was no attempt at flush glazing and its a bit odd lengthwise.  I say a bit odd as it’s too short but in a strange way.  I shall attempt to explain.  Overall its 2mm short (which is less than 1 percent) but between the doors is 4mm short.  The error seems to be in the shape of the ends and for some that’s a problem. I’m not convinced its worth the faff to put right so im just going to ‘tart one up a bit’.

lima-mk2In order

  1. New buffers. MJT for retracted ones, Fourmost models for extended ones
  2. Deeper bufferbeam (a strip of 40×40 evergreen). This allows you to mount the buffers lower as they are too high on the original model
  3. End steps (from me when I have them)
  4. New handrails from 0.33mm wire
  5. Bogies steps (also from me)
  6. The air conditioner module needs cutting off and mounting further in from the front – The shroud is 9.5mm evergreen tube with the end chamfered on the inside.
  7. Spare brake gear from a Bachmann Mk2 – you could use the same S-kits/Genesis combination that I did for the air braked Mk1s though.
  8. New bogies from replica.  A pad of 100×250 though evergreen glued to the lima floor will give you the right ride height.

Still to do – ETH gear and glazing (shawplan do laser glaze for these coaches if you dont want to cut your own. )  Of course you can just wait for the Bachmann ones.


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Richard B
Richard B
7 years ago

I totally agree that the Lima mk2F captures the look of its prototype better than the Airfix mk2D. It’s easy to get caught up in a dimensional discrepancy whilst overlooking harder to measure aspects such as profile. Even the simple task of flushglazing lifts these old models above the Airfix models, and the few tasks you mention here take it to another level again.