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As progress continues on the layout the angles available for photographs get reduced as more stuff gets put in the way.  The biggest killer to this will be the overhead line equipment but as all of the track has to be built and fully tested before it can be added that’s an awful long way off yet.

At the Derby end of the station the station approach will cover some of the tracks and these are held up with concrete beams. It’s these concrete beams that are the latest thing to ruin the view.pillarsthese are made from wood except for 1 leg on platform 12 which is evergreen square tube.  There will be a signal mounted to that beam so the leg needed to be hollow. The basic structures were sprayed with multiple coats of Halfords filler primer to lose the wooden texture.  The structure nearest the camera is freelance as the real road is supported by a wall which I have left of the layout to allow people to view the station throat.

pillars-2Close up of part of the beams on platform 10/11.  The camera had picked up the wood grain a bit more than you see in real life but perhaps i should have done more coats of the filler primer.  Texture comes from good old Plasticote Suede paint and it is weathered with enamels.


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Doug Dickson
Doug Dickson
7 years ago

I wonder if it is [optically] possible to construct a ‘reverse periscope’ that somehow could be attached/aligned with your camera lens?

Due to a slight disability involving balance I am unable to lie on my back and look upwards at detail stuff and when I needed to look inside a screw top junction box on the underside of my caravan I set a 3″ x 2″ make up mirror on the end of a lath to which I fixed my digital camera with sellotape, set the shutter delay to ten seconds and after fair bit of faffery managed to get the details, cable colours etc that I needed!


James Finister
7 years ago


An alternative these days,though of variable quality, are the small cameras used in cheap r/c aircraft or even a simple webcam that can often be got into awkward spaces