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I became aware of a problem before glazing my TRSB that would add a fair bit more work to the project and that was…… the colours!  On the left is the JLTRT rail grey that I used (which I think is about right) but the other 2 are Lima’s interpretation on the same colour.  Its not a trick of the photograph. Lima’s greys dont match each other let alone the JLTRT grey.  Sadly I plan for 2 rakes of HST stock in blue and grey and since I spray colours outside and its a bit cold this project will have to wait until next year.  Oh well, one down 13 to go!

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Dave Smith
Dave Smith
8 years ago

Oh dear, Jim. That’s a pretty wild variation on what professes to be a standard colour! It looks much more akin to Intercity Executive light grey on the middle vehicle. Agree with you on the JLRT grey though. Looks pretty bob-on!