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Well 2013 is nearly over and its time to look back on how much of my to do list got done.

To remind you all the to do list was as follows.

  • Finish my class 303, 310, 312 and 317 EMUs
  • Finish the platforms
  • At least get started on the Pallisades
  • build the next 2 boards
  • Make a start on drawing up my class 116 etches
  • Finish a half started rake of BBA and BAA’s
  • Start working on rakes of coaches.
  • Do more buses!
  • Add the wagon section to the site.

Starting from the top, the class 303, 310 and 312 havent been touched but the 317 is done. The platforms still aren’t finished but good progress has been made with board 3 all but done (just smaller details and people to add). While I have nothing to show for my Pallisades building a lot has been done behind the scenes with a collection of parts to be laser cut and window frames to be etched. No progress on baseboard to report but I have been drawing up my replacement sides for class 116 DMU’s. I havent looked at the BBA and BAA’s but I have done some wagons and started the wagon section.  No progress on buses to report either but there are a few more lorries and cars complete. I have been busy on coaches and although it’s a small dent in what I will need it is progress.  Overall then much better than last year in terms of sticking to the list!

As usual though I have been off topic somewhat with more class 50s, and 86’s rolling off the workbench as well as my class 100/105 hybrid.  On the shows front its been quiet but Moor Street has been to a few shows and put on its usual good performance.  Calcutta Sidings II debuted at Expo EM north and to be fair for a first show it was really rather good. Yes there were a few niggles but considering the size I think a very positive performance.

So into 2014

More of the same really. I want to get the things on the 2013 list moving along with a firm effort to get the shopping center done (I’m bored of the 3 boards I have been working on to be honest). Also I have an itching to get track building again so here goes…

  • Finish my class 303, 310, and 312
  • Finish the platforms
  • finish the Pallisades
  • build the next 2 boards (london end)
  • build the 2 none scenic boards that will attach the wolves end to the fiddleyard boards
  • Get building on my class 116 fleet
  • Finish a half started rake of BBA and BAA’s as well as one of my engineers trains
  • Keep working on rakes of coaches.
  • Do more buses!

Time will tell!

dmu blueprint

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6 years ago

You have done quite well really Jim,after all you are modelling on several fronts at the same time.
All the very best for 2014
regards Reg

Colin Parks
Colin Parks
6 years ago

Hi Jim,

I shall look forward to 2014 then. Of interest to me in particular will be to see your methods of track building.

The list of to-do’s would constitute contrasting an entire layout in a year for we mere mortals. I don’t know how you keep up the work rate!

Good luck!


Richard Sandland
Richard Sandland
6 years ago

Hi Jim

Really enjoyed reading your updates over the course of the year.
Here is to a productive 2014 too.


rob dagg
rob dagg
6 years ago

happy new year ! keep it up

Mal Robinson
Mal Robinson
6 years ago

Hi Jim, just to wish you a very Happy New Year and looking forward to following the progress of what is a terrific project. I dabbled in modelling many years ago, but now I wouldn’t know where to start. Happy modelling!
Kind regards,